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other than choosing random videos that show

up in your social media feeds.


Choose golf fitness exercises based on what you need.

Each exercise is indexed by

swing characteristic, mobility & flexibility limitation or weak areas of your body.

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Your time is valuable, don’t waste it with random exercises that won’t help.

Exercises are categorized and indexed logically so you can easily develop your own program.

Still not sure what to do?

Ask a question to a TPI Professional through the on-site chat system.

Not interested in making your own golf fitness program?

Don’t worry, new pre-made workouts are added weekly.

Only looking for free advice? 

That’s ok, there are dozens of free documents and videos for you to watch.

What content is in the TMF Golf Conditioning Center?

  • Free guides.
  • Free access to mobility screening videos so you can evaluate your fitness level and see what golf fitness exercises will best improve your golf game.
  • Exercise index pages categorized by swing characteristic, body part, and mobility screens.
  • Short (less than 3-minute) golf fitness exercise videos along with a written step-by-step guide and the key points so you can do the exercise correctly.
  • New exercises added each week.
  • Weekly golf fitness workouts containing 5 to 6 exercises e-mailed to you every Saturday evening for you to do the following week.
  • Monthly live on-line seminars covering a wide-range of topics along with a Q&A session. Seminars will be recorded and placed on the website for you to watch at your leisure.
  • Live access to a TPI Certified Fitness Professional via chat on the membership site.
  • A like-minded community & forum where you can converse with other golfers interested in improving their games through fitness.

Watch the Video and Take A Quick Tour Around the TMF Golf Conditioning Center?

TMF Golf Conditioning Center

  • Instructions on how to start your own fitness program
  • Exercises crossed indexed to make it easy for you
  • TPI mobility & stability screen videos
  • Over 500 exercise videos planned, new videos added every week
  • Weekly workouts e-mailed to your inbox
  • Access to a Certified TPI Fitness Professional
  • Forums to ask questions and get advice
  • Live monthly broadcasts
  • Plus much more!

More on Membership Levels

There are 3 Levels, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The Silver Level is free, and the content available is access to all of my guides where you can download them or read them right on the computer. You’ll also have access to my TPI Mobility Screen videos and instructions all in one place. Also included, are the Community and Forums.

The Gold Level gives access to Silver Level benefits plus access to my exercise videos.

The advantage to my videos?

I have some of the same problems you do, and I point them out and show you how to correct them. Not only in the videos but a step by step bullet point list as well as highlighting the key points and the purpose of the exercise.

Each exercise is indexed by Swing Characteristic, Mobility Issue, and by Body Part. Finding an exercise to correct a problem is much easier in the Center than any other website.

The Platinum Level gives access to Gold Level benefits and the highlight of the Center.

I create weekly golf fitness workouts that contain 5 to 6 exercises that work on great warm-up, corrections, strength, and power exercises. You’ll receive an e-mail on Saturday that includes a link to newest workout where instructions and videos will be waiting for you.

I already have a workout on the site for you and will be adding a new one each week.

You’ll also receive an invite to a Live On-line Monthly Seminar where I go over a common golf fitness problem and answer your questions. The seminar will be recorded and you’ll have access to the recordings in the Center to view when you have time. You can pre-submit a question prior to the seminar so it can be answered if you’re not able to attend live.

What People Are Saying

LOP TBS Mathews 2

Todd’s training program has changed my golf game. I have been looking for a program that would be personalized and address my needs, not a one size fits all program. Through the use of physical screens, swing video and one-on-one discussion Todd gave me a realistic program that would challenge me but I was also able to follow.

About two months in, the results have been fantastic. I am swinging easier than ever and have gained 10 yards with all of my clubs.

– Trevor Mathews
ClearWater, Florida

MJ (1)

“I can’t say enough about Todd’s commitment and communication. I felt I had a personal trainer that I could access with questions, comments and feedback – and I did. While I was somewhat reluctant about an online training regime, Todd has demonstrated an ability to connect and actively support his clients. The 6 week program is completed. I had a chance to play golf and the performance was amazing.

– Mike Johnny
Toronto, Ontario

TD-sway copy

“The exercises are going well, they are definitely making a difference in my game. My pro was very impressed with what you did for me.”

Toby Draper
Watertown, New York

MJ (2)

“I appreciate the work which Todd has done with me. He offers a holistic program of support which I recommend to anyone serious about their game and their health. Distance-based training can work. Todd’s commitment and the resources at his disposal can help make a positive difference for you.”

– Mike Johnny
Toronto, Ontario

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There are 3 membership options depending on the content you want to receive.

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Access to dozens of free guides and checklists plus live access to a Certified TPI Fitness Professional.

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Includes Silver Membership benefits.

Plus access to exercises videos indexed by swing characteristic, mobility limitation, or by body part so you can find quickly locate the exercise you need to help your golf game.

Platinum Membership

$14.99 / Month

Includes the Gold Membership benefits.

Plus, a new weekly workout sent to your inbox and a live monthly internet seminar with a Q&A session. The seminar will be recorded for later viewing.